Museum Collections

American Folk Art Museum— The Ralph Fasanella Collection & Archive

This major exhibition includes a selection of artworks from the American Folk Art Museum’s collection, which holds more than one hundred paintings and drawings by the artist. The Estate of Ralph Fasanella gifted many of these objects to the museum over the years, in addition to the artist’s notebooks, sketches, correspondence, personal records, photographs, publications, and films, which were donated in 2009 and 2013.

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Fenimore Art Museum— Ralph Fasanella Collection

Fenimore Art Museum launched a comprehensive online database of its entire art collection for the first time in early 2021. On this site you will find more than 2,000 artworks representing our fine art, American Folk Art, and American Indian collections, with new high quality photography and updated catalogue information. This database includes 12 important paintings by Ralph Fasanella, which the museum has collected over a period of forty years. The works span Fasanella’s entire career, and include nearly all of his signature subjects, including politics, urban life, portraiture, and baseball.

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Smithsonian American Art Museum— Ralph Fasanella: Lest We Forget 

As early as 1947, Fasanella was exhibited alongside the top social realist painters of the day. His works hung in both galleries and union halls and effectively bridged a divide between socially-aware, self-taught artists and their trained counterparts.

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